Springless or Springtype Hopper Swing Weigh Batcher

Designed on the principle of 'CAM and PENDULUM' mechanism (Springless). With dial guage calibrated upto 1000kgs. Also available with Spring Mechanism suitable to weigh upto 650 kg each dial.

Scale Type Concrete Batcher

Double Bucket Scale type Concrete Batcher having capacity of 220kgs on each bucket, for coarse and fine aggregate with side discharge gate opening directly into Feed Hopper of 10/7 cft capacity concrete mixer resulting in no slippage.

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Vaccum Dewatering System for Concrete

ASHOK 'Concrete Dewatering System' has been developed to remove excess water from the concrete and thus reduces the cement water ratio. The advantages are:

 Increased compressive strength by approx. 25%.
 Faster initial strength gain
 Increase of the 28 day compressive strength
 More durable top surface
 Better surface finish
 Cement saving by 15%
 Reduced permeability
 Faster work

Areas of applications are Roads & Runways, Industrial Floors, Canal lining, Ware house, Building slabs, Hydel Projects, Bridge Decks, Port Areas etc.
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