Scaffolding & Shuttering Materials & Accessories
a). Slab / Floor Form:

Made from 2.0mm sheet pressed type. Available in following sizes:
1150 x 600mm
900 x 600mm
800 x 600mm
b). Wall Form:

Made from 2.5mm sheet and angle. Available in following sizes or any other size as per requirement:
1250 x 500mm
1000 x 600mm

c). Soldier (Heavy & Light)
d). Adjustable Props:

Made from 60.3 O.D. & 48.3 O.D.M.S. Black ERW Med ISI marked pipe. Available in following sizes:
1.5 mtr To 2.75 mtr
2.0 mtr To 3.25 mtr
2.0 mtr To 3.75 mtr
2.5 mtr To 4.25 mtr
3.0 mtr To 4.65 mtr
e). Adjustable Span:

Made from 2.0 mm sheet, 10 and 14mm dia round and 40x40x6 mm Tee. Available in following sizes:
1.75 mtr To 2.70 mtr
2.40 mtr To 3.45 mtr
2.46 mtr To 4.15 mtr
3.05 mtr To 4.75 mtr
3.15 mtr To 4.90 mtr
3.15 mtr To 5.50 mtr

f). Couplers (Right Angle and Swivel):
 Suitable for 40mm NB Pipe or 40x50 mm NB Pipe

g). Expanding Joint Pin:

 Connects two tubes end to end

h). Base Plate

i). Adjustable Stirrup Head / base plate

j). Also available APS Unit, H-frame, Ringlock Scaffold and tailor made shuttering for tunnel, bridge grider, chimney etc.

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