Vibratory Earth Rammer / Plate Compactor

Supplied with variable speed arrangement with throttle control, towing handle and two detachable wheels or two wheel trolley. Available in various models :

(a) 8-ton Ramming capacity. Powered by 6HP  Air-cooled Diesel Engine or 7.5 HP 440/3/50 AC TEFC Electric Motor. Depth effect : 20 inch, Compaction area : 6000 sq.ft. per hour.

(b) 4-ton Ramming capacity. Powered by 4.4-HP 'Greaves' Diesel Engine or 5.5-HP 'Field Marshall Hatz' Diesel Engine or 5 HP 440/3/50 AC TEFC Electric Motor. Depth effect : 15 inch. Compaction area : 4500 sq.ft . per hour.

(c) Little Giant Model: Impact force : 850kg. Depth effect : 6 inch, Compaction area : 4000 sq.ft. per hour. Powered by 3.4-HP 'Greaves' or 3.1-HP 'Shriram Honda' or 1.9 HP ' Greaves' or 3-HP 440/3/50 AC TEFC Electric Motor.

Used for compaction of earth, soil, foundations, trenches, roads, canal beds, embankments, approach roads etc.
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Tamping Rammer

Tamping Rammer is a unique type of vertical jumping rammer particularly suitable when work space for compaction is restricted. The tamping system is lubricated with oil and encapsulated to make it water and dust proof. Gives an impact force of about 11 Tons capacity. Depth of compaction 300mm with a traveling speed of 10mtr / min. Operates on Petrol / Kerosene air cooled Engine. Used for compaction of rockfill, clayey soil, sand and gravel.

Uses: Backfilling work, Embankment, Road repairing work. Used for compaction and backfill of cable trenches, electric lines, telephone lines, water lines and road potholing, backfilling between building plinth beam etc.
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Double Drum Winch 3-Ton & 5-Ton Capacity

Used for Well Sinking, Pile Driving, Erection and Hoisting. Suitable for working with Grab Buckets or Drop Hammer.


Single Drum Bored Pile Winch

2-Ton, 3-Ton, 5-Ton & 7.5-Ton - Used for Bored Piles. Double drum winch also available.

Accessories for Bored Piling Job
Bailer, Rock cutting chisel, Tripod, Top guide casing, Bottom casing pipe, DMC Rod with sockets, Trimmie pipe with sockets Trimmie Funnel, Swivel for DMC Rod, Swivel for Trimmie pipe, Fore cutter (DMC chisel), Centrifugal Mud circulation pump etc. and all other accessories required for Bore Piling work. RMC method also available.

Grab Bucket

1/2 cu. yd., 3/4 cu. yd. & 1 cu. yd. Used for well sinking in Bridges, Grabbing, Dredging Ports & Harbours and Bulk Handling.

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