Pneumatic Guniting / Shotcreting Machine

Guniting / Shotcreting is the process of conveying desired mixer of dry cement, sand and/or aggregate under air pressure at a high velocity with just sufficient quantity of water for hydration. Equipment consists of a twin chamber gun and a twin water tank and is powered by an Air Motor. The material is deposited on the desired surface through a placing nozzle under a compressed air. These machines can also be used for sandblasting work by fitting on a sand blasting nozzle.

Uses : Construction of thin walls, New construction of thin sections  such as shells, Canal and Tunnel Lining, Swimming Pool Lining, Repairing deteriorated Concrete and Concrete damaged by fire, chemicals or earthquake, Strengthening weak concrete structure such as buildings, bridges, jetties, Stabilizing rock and earth slopes, Refractory linings, Encasing steel for fire proofing, Protective coating over prestressed wires and steel pipes, Repairs of Hydraulic Structures such as water tanks, dam walls, To give rough surface texture where such is desired.
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Spray Guniting Machine

The single axle strongly built machine works on the principle of dry conveyance. the dry mix is transported from the feeding hopper through the rotors to the material exit. Different rotors are available for a variety of applications. Water is added in the spraying nozzle at the end of the hose. Provided with 2.2 KW (3HP) AC Electric Motor 440 Volt. Supplied with 31/50 mm hoses. Max. conveying distance of 250mtr and max conveying height of 60-75 mtr.

This machine is useful for gunite, shotcrete  sprayed concrete and sand blasting.
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Pneumatic Concrete Placer
Capacities available : 1/2m3 3/4m3 & 1m3. mainly used for placing concrete in tunnel linings. This can also be effectively used in inaccessible locations like piers, silos, chimneys, cooling towers etc. This equipment is very useful in river valley projects as it expedites construction and save costs considerably.

Accessories required depending on requirement -
a) Air Receiver Tank. b) 150mm dia steel pipe line with quick action couplings. c) Bends. d) Discharge Box.

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Concrete / Asphalt Saw
This machine is capable of cutting concrete and asphalt roads including reinforcement. Powered by 7.5 HP Electric Motor / 7.5 HP Diesel / Petrol Engine.

Maximum depth of cut : 100mm/150mm. Maximum width of cut : 3mm/4mm/10mm.

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Concrete Bucket

ASHOK Concrete bucket is suitable to hook with crane or hoist.

It has direct discharge for speedy concrete pour and large mouth for easy quick filling. Useful for placing concrete at distant places/at heights/and inaccessible places with the help of crane.

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