Compression Testing Machine

100 Ton capacity, hand operated compression strength test on cement, concrete or similar material. Cubes of any size upto 15x15x15 cm, and also cylinders of 15cm dia x 30 cm height. Pressure Gauge calibrated & tested by National Test House.

Also available accessories like Cube Moulds & Cylindrical Mould of different sizes, Slump Con Apparatus, Test Seives etc.

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Builders Hoist

One Ton capacity Winch suitable to lift upto 100 mtr - 10 cft capacity concrete carrying skip (silo) - 12mm dia steel Wire Rope 6/9 constn. 'Usha Martin Make'. Tower Angle Section: 65x65x6 mm. Trolley speed : 20-25mtr/min.

Powered by 10/12 HP  Air-cooled Diesel Engine or 10 HP 440/3/50 AC TEFC Electric Motor.

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Tilting Bucket Trolley on Rail

Tilting Bucket Trolley on Rails System is a very economical way of transporting concrete / other materials from one place to another place. Tilting Bucket Capacity - 10 cft.

Rails - Straight length - 3mtr, 2mtr, 1mtr, Bends 90,45 & 30 in length of 3mtr, 2mtr & 1mtr.

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Grouting Equipment : Hand / Mechanical / Pneumatic

Hand Operated: Handy, light weight, economical, ideal for small job requirements, such as, duct left for post tensioning of prestressed wires, holes, cracks etc. Developing Pressure upto 10 kg/cm2 (140 PSI)

Power Operated Grout Pump: Specially designed pump to handle cement and water slurry. the whole unit is mounted on a fabricated M.S. Trolley and provided with high pressure of (a) 20kg/cm2 to 34kg.cm2 and (b) 10kg/cm2 to 20kg/cm2.

Grout Agitator: Can also be provided and is used in conjunction with Grout Pump. Do not allow the water cement grout mix to precipitate.

Screw type Grouting Pump & Pneumatic Grouting Pump are also available.
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Colladial Grout Mixer

The machine is intended for pumping colgrout which is water/cement/sand grout mixed at a constant volume and varying pressure. these are mounted vertically below a hopper feed tank through which the drive is taken from a power unit. By-pass arrangements afford means for circulation when not discharging. Powered by air cooled diesel engine or electric motors.

Uses - Distribution of colgrout over constructional sites from central mixing plants with adequate pressure to take the colgrout at a constant flow to the bottom of preplaced aggregate through grouting pipes to form mass colcrete.
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